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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Candles by Victoria - Top 5 Bakery Scents

Hey all! I thought I'd start doing some CBV posts where I share with you my top 5 scents from each scent category, along with a little review of each scent. I thought this would be helpful so that you can see which 5 scents I'd most recommend from each category, since there are over 700 scents! Today I thought I'd start out with bakery scents, since bakery scents are my favourite type. These aren't in any particular order, it was hard enough to pick 5 favourites let alone rank them! So here are my top 5 bakery scents! :) 

#1 - Cinnamon Donuts 

Ok, I know I said I wasn't ranking them, but this one might actually be my favourite. I've decided that I can never ever be without this scent in my life. I want to swim in a giant pool of wax scented in Victoria's Cinnamon Donuts. It is that good. For those of you who aren't a huge fan of cinnamon, fear not. This is a very sweet cinnamon, not a red-hot spicy cinnamon. So although you can smell the cinnamon, its very mellow. You also get a mouthwatering doughy scent. You know when you go to a fair or amusement park, and you can buy those fresh little donuts that are hot and have been rolled in cinnamon sugar? That's exactly what this smells like. Seriously amazing.

# 2 - Baked Apple Strudel 

This is an amazing scent. It has quickly made its way into my top favourite bakery scents, as well as my top scents overall. The first thing I smell is the apple. It kind of reminds me of Victoria's Macintosh Apple scent, except instead of a fresh apple, it smells like an apple that's been cooked down, but still has some of its tartness. I then get a sweet doughy note. Not a cobbler or a crisp or anything, but a soft dough scent. All of that delicious goodness is rounded out by a hint of sweet spice. Again, not a red-hot spice, but a sweet mellow spice that somehow balances the whole thing out. I highly highly recommend this scent. 

# 3 - Lemon Pound Cake

Ahhhh this one is SO good. It has been one of my favourites for a long time now, as I received it in my second ever order from Victoria and haven't been without it since then. This is my second mustard jar of this scent. I also have an 8oz that is almost halfway done, and I've burned through a 4oz too. That should give you a little idea of how much I love this scent. If you like lemon and you like bakery, give this one a try. Its a sweet, sugared lemon scent, but there is also a little hint of sourness to it as well (at least to me, I can smell a bit of a "tang"). I get a cakey note to it also, and it smells like the whole thing has been dipped in a sweet milky lemon glaze. To die for! 

# 4 - Peanut Butter Cookies 

Yum yum yum! This is one of those scents that smells great on cold throw, but on hot throw it smells divine. It smells exactly like hot, fresh, soft, doughy peanut butter cookies that have just come out of the oven. Not much else I can say about this! Its fabulous. 

# 5 - Pink Cupcake 

This one is great! It smells like a sweet vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. I love this one in scent shot form. I have a mustard jar of the scent as well, but to my nose the fragrance is a little different when it is being burned in candle form as opposed to when its being melted on the tart warmer. So what I like to do is scoop out the wax from my mustard jar and use it in the warmer like a scent shot. The scent is just amazing, and a very strong thrower. I love it so much! 

And... because I obviously couldn't pick just five, I have two honourable mentions! 

Honourable Mentions - Coconut Cream Pie & Sugared Corn Pudding

These two are both great scents, and definitely deserved a mention in this post although they didn't make it to my top 5. Coconut Cream Pie is one that I recently discovered and loved. It smells like a sweet, creamy, coconut custard. I get a hint of toasted coconut scent to this one too. SO good. Sugared Corn Pudding is such a unique scent. Its so sweet and good, and on cold throw almost reminds me of a sweet popcorn scent. On hot throw however, it smells a lot like fresh sugar cookies. It is so amazing, I just want to eat it out of the jar. 

So there you go guys! Hope that was helpful! What are your top 5 CBV bakery scents?


  1. I'm not wildly enthusiastic about bakery scents in general, but I loved Sugared Corn Pudding. It really is a unique scent that seems to please a lot of noses. I melt it in my warmer at school and people will stop by and ask me what smells so good. : )

  2. Wow,they looks good,I love bakery scents (: