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Monday, April 2, 2012

Candles by Victoria - Donut Shop Candle

Hi all! I just recently purchased a candle from Victoria's adorable new line, the Love Victoria Bake Shoppe line! This line features several candles in her Love, Victoria jar that are adorned with the cutest little embeds. They can be found on her website on page 16 of the "Candles" tab on the side:
I picked one up in "Donut Shop", which is in one of my favourite fragrances, Cinnamon Donuts! I decided to create a blog post showing you how it burns. It does require a little maintenance at the beginning, but the scent and cuteness are so worth it! 

Here's how the candle looks when it has just been lit. 

Since the top of the candle is made of whipped wax, the candle burns a lot more quickly than a regular candle. This means that the wicks will get very long very quickly. So you do need to keep an eye on it so that you can clip the wicks when they need it. 
You'll also want to ensure that you place a piece of aluminum foil, paper plate, or in my case, parchment paper underneath the candle. This is because the wax in the candle extends above the jar, so when you burn it, there is going to be some wax that drips down the sides. Placing something underneath to catch it will ensure that you don't end up with a huge mess!

Here you can see how long the wicks have gotten because of the whipped wax - that's fine, just make sure you're "babysitting" it so that you can blow it out, clip the wicks, and re-light when they get too long. You can also see the wax that's dripped down onto the parchment paper. 

Don't throw away any of that wax that has dripped onto the parchment paper! That stuff is liquid gold! After it hardens, peel it off and throw it in your tart warmer - it still has tons of scent in it! 

At this point I've trimmed the wick and re-lit it, so the flame isn't as high. 

Here's what the candle looks like after it has been burning for a few hours. As you can see, the candle is still full to the brim since it was filled higher than the jar! It has tons of burn time and since it has such a wide scent opening, it is very fragrant! 

Have you tried any of the Love Victoria bake shoppe candles? Which ones?